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Bitcoin's Community for Women


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Access Tribe is the leading community for women in the world of Bitcoin. Join us to

connect, learn, and empower each other. Join the Tribe today!

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Free Plan

Bitcoin Basics

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Bitcoin News & Entertainment

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Bitcoin Jobs

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Premium Plan $80/year

Premium subscribers gain access to:

  • The Female Founders training programs including the recordings for every session of the recent program "Every Business Will be a Bitcoin Business"

  • Exclusive "Inside Access" live speaker events 

  • Investor spaces including early access to the "Spotlight On" series highlighting new technologies and investable companies in Bitcoin

  • The weekly Tribe Vibe newsletter and Community networking spaces

Inside Access

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Join inspiring monthly talks led by women who have made their mark in Bitcoin providing you with the opportunity to hear the perspectives of those shaping the Bitcoin landscape today. Discover curated courses that will demystify Bitcoin and allow you to learn at your own pace within a supportive community.

Tribe Vibe

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Stay up to date on Bitcoin developments with premium access to our newsletter  featuring exclusive content, the latest industry news, user-friendly guides, and inspiring stories of women leaders in Bitcoin. 

Access the Tribe

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Connect with the tribe, share your journey with others and access mentors for all things Bitcoin. Together, let's explore the intriguing world and empower ourselves in the process.

Welcome to the Access Tribe.

Female Founders Program Schedule


Bitcoin, a cornerstone innovation of our era, holds the potential to revolutionize our lives more profoundly than even the internet.

At Access Tribe, we are steadfast in our belief that Bitcoin is paving the way for economic fairness and generational wealth creation.


Navigating the world of Bitcoin can be daunting, with many struggling to comprehend the nuances between Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain. Yet, beyond mere acquisition, vast opportunities await in community networking, employment, and business innovation within this field.

Access Tribe will inspire, educate, and connect you with other women in the Bitcoin world, accelerating your learning journey and opening the door of opportunity.

Join the tribe!

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Krista Edmunds is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in financial markets and innovation. She is a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment in the world of technology.

As the founder of Access Tribe Limited, a Forbes-featured Bitcoin education company, Krista is committed to inspiring, educating, and connecting women in the Bitcoin ecosystem. She also previously founded and ran a global training program at Barclays, where she equipped women with the skills necessary for board participation.

Driven by her passion for Bitcoin, a transformative monetary technology with immense potential, Krista has spent the past two years studying the field and working within the industry. In addition to launching her own Bitcoin education company, Krista also co-founded and launched Bitcoin Policy UK where she spent 6 months leading their marketing initiatives and Next Gen committee.


Created by women, for us.

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