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Fossil Future by Alex Epstein

In contrast with the 'The Science is Settled' camp, Fossil Future, written by philosopher Alex Epstein analyses the knowledge framework from which environmental and climate debates often emanate and how this colours our perspectives on the use of fossil fuels.

For anyone looking for a more balanced and nuanced take on climate change and fossil fuel use, this book is for you.

While not directly related to Bitcoin it informs perspectives on bitcoin mining that go beyond the environmental debates and rather, take a holistic view of our relationship to resource utilisation, adaptation and alteration of our environment and our relationship to humanity.

Bitcoin Policy Institute Research

One of the principal attack vectors for Bitcoin is to criticise its energy use in the bitcoin mining process. Some of the best research in this space comes from the US based Bitcoin Policy Institute. 

Papers authored by environmentalists such as Margot Paez and Troy Cross delve deep into the data and separate fact from fiction. Their research has real value because they are both passionate environmentalists and students of bitcoin with a deep understanding of both topics.

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