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Book - The Creature from Jekyll Island

Published in 1994 this book takes you on a gripping journey of discovery about how money is created, the institutions involved and the devastating impact of their actions.

Prepare to be both shocked and angry. 

Book - Layered Money

In this book, Nik Bhatia looks at global monetary systems and their complex, layered monetary structures. 

He further explores how bitcoin's predictable and codified 
structure makes it an increasingly viable alternative as a 'trusted global currency'.

Book - The Price of Tomorrow

In this book, Jeff Booth makes the case that technology causes prices to decrease, creating 'deflation' rather than 'inflation'. Therefore, a 2% target inflation rate or above, in a world where price information is not distorted, makes no sense.

He illustrates how the debasement of our currencies through money printing distorts price information and creates a system whereby prices increase and money loses value, when technology dictates that the opposite should be true.

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