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The Sovereign Individual

First published in 1997, The Sovereign Individual is a surprisingly prophetic piece of non-fiction. James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg examine the rise of the 'Information Age' powered by the internet and its implications for the individual's ability to be independent of the state and mobile across geographical jurisdictions. 

They go on to examine the threat this new digital age poses to the Nation State and its ability to remain intact, as well as actions that Nation States may engage in to prevent individuals from being physically and economically mobile. One example the authors give is the creation of real or imagined 'pandemics' by governments with subsequent restrictions on movement.

The Fiat Standard

This book will completely change how you view the world.


If money is information, and information has been distorted throughout most of history due to the debasement of our currency, either through coin clipping or money printing, then what you believe to be true, is actually a lie.


Learn how unsound money has tainted everything in society from culture to our food supply, and what you can do about it.

The Bitcoin Standard

If the Fiat Standard of unsound money has caused our society to be a culturally, economically and spiritually impoverished, what would a world built on a Bitcoin Standard look like?

Find out in this groundbreaking book.

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