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Book - Thank God for Bitcoin Book

Many will be surprised to find that the bitcoin community has a large contingent of Christians. There is even a conference that runs close to the Bitcoin Miami yearly event called 'Thank God for Bitcoin'.

Jimmy Song, a bitcoin developer and Christian is a vocal part of this community and he co-authored 'Thank God for Bitcoin' with Julia Tourianski, which explores morals, the corruption of our monetary system and whether bitcoin fixes this. 

John K Vallis bio picture

Money Messiah: God, Bitcoin, and The Evolution of Consciousness

In this thoughtful essay, John K Vallis explores and questions the idea that Bitcoin is sent from God.

"Bitcoin seems to represent a great, and possibly unprecedented, mystery, and as a result, insights are sought from nearly every domain of existing knowledge, in an attempt to discover the proper context by which to understand the meaning of it. That is to say, it has inspired in me, and many others, a renewed inquiry, in which nearly everything must be re-considered, recapitulated, and reconstructed. " 

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