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Spotlight on Gridless - Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

Who are Gridless?

Meet Gridless, a game-changing hydro-powered Bitcoin mining initiative reshaping the way we think about Bitcoin mining. Spearheaded in Africa by the visionary Erik Hersman and Janet Maingi, Gridless is making waves for its model that not only bolsters sustainable Bitcoin mining but also lights up rural communities and slashes their energy costs from $10 to $4 per month for 2000 people.

Sustainable Mining Team at Gridless

The Gridless Team

Erik Hersman, CEO, is a Florida State University grad and a TED Senior Fellow with a knack for blending technology and entrepreneurship. Janet Maingi brings a wealth of expertise in operations and administration, steering the company's strategic course.

Market Analysis

In today's world, where green energy is king, Gridless’s approach to eco-friendly Bitcoin mining shows both pragmatism and a genuine desire to run a business that works in harmony with nature. With the anticipated Bitcoin halving in 2024, the scene is set for a Bitcoin bull run, potentially spelling good news for mining profitability.


Gridless is on the move with $2 million in funding received in 2022 from heavyweights like VC Stillmark and Block,Inc.. They're eyeing expansion across African markets, targeting rural areas for easier energy access.

Sustainable Mining Team at Gridless

Market Analysis

Larger companies like Marathon Digital Holdings and Riot Blockchain typically operate on a much larger scale. These companies often use traditional energy sources (although Marathon recently started mining with landfill methane)  and have extensive mining operations in North America, focusing more on maximising mining output and less on community impact. Gridless isn’t just mining Bitcoin; they’re revolutionising rural living.

Looking Ahead

In the face of criticism over Bitcoin mining's environmental toll, Gridless stands out with its green mining solution. With all eyes on Bitcoin in the run-up to the halving and the world’s growing thirst for renewable solutions, Gridless could be at the forefront of a profitable, eco-friendly Bitcoin mining revolution.


Gridless is a fantastic example of innovation in the Bitcoin world. They're not just mining Bitcoin; they're powering communities and setting new environmental stewardship standards in the industry.

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