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Spotlight on Voltage: Unlocking Financial Freedom

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In the realm of business tools, Bitcoin technology emerges as a dynamic asset for risk mitigation, global scaling and financial freedom. The challenge, however, lies in acquiring the necessary expertise and tools for seamless integration. Services like BTCPay Server facilitate Bitcoin payment acceptance but often require technical know-how. This is a significant hurdle for businesses lacking in-house technical capabilities or expertise.

Company Overview

Voltage emerges as a formidable force in the Bitcoin and Lightning infrastructure arena, offering turnkey, enterprise-grade solutions for businesses eager to incorporate Bitcoin and Lightning into their technological framework. The company places a strong emphasis on privacy and self-sovereignty through non-custodial solutions, empowering users at both individual and corporate levels to manage their Bitcoin holdings as originally envisioned by Bitcoin's creator.

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Product - Freedom Technology

In collaboration with Google Cloud, Voltage offers cloud-based hosting services to support Bitcoin and Lightning operations, thereby extending its reach globally and facilitating the creation of Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes across the world.

Particularly impactful is Voltage's integration with BTCPay Server, a significant advancement for users without extensive blockchain expertise. This integration streamlines Bitcoin payment processes, broadening access for a variety of entrepreneurs to capitalise on cryptocurrency in their business models. Voltage also enables direct monetisation for creators through micro-payments, as demonstrated by Bitcoin-powered companies like Thndr Games and Carrot, which utilise their services for streaming Bitcoin micropayments to users.


Voltage was founded by Graham Krizek, a seasoned software engineering expert. Krizek's experience spans roles at Salesforce, Ikigai Asset Management, and NodeSource. Coupled with his academic achievements and technical certifications, he is uniquely qualified to lead Voltage on its path of innovation.


In 2022, Voltage secured $6 million in a seed funding round led by Trammell Ventures Partners. The round saw participation from nine investors, including Stillmark and Fulgur Ventures, underscoring the market's confidence in Voltage's vision.


Voltage stands as a paragon of innovation and inclusivity in the Bitcoin infrastructure sector. Its dedication to user-centric, non-custodial solutions positions it as an ideal ally for early-stage founders aiming to seamlessly integrate Bitcoin technology into their businesses. Voltage's trajectory, marked by strategic alliances and substantial funding, heralds a move towards a more inclusive, empowering digital financial landscape, where entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds can flourish and innovate.

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