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Why capital will flow into Bitcoin

Updated: Jun 21

How Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are Igniting a New Era of Innovation and Investment

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Bitcoin's Journey

Invented in 2008 by an unidentified individual or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has journeyed from a cryptic technological concept to a financial innovation with the potential to revolutionise global economies and investment capital is starting to flow in.

This decentralised digital currency is often termed "sound money," a financial asset immune to arbitrary inflation by governments and commercial banks, thus serving as a robust store of value.

The limited supply of Bitcoin, combined with its decentralised architecture, safeguards it against inflation and censorship—features gaining increasing relevance in our digital era. However, the high-priority security of the Bitcoin protocol has posed scalability challenges, hindering its utility as a medium of exchange. This led to the proposal of the Lightning Network, a second-layer solution aimed at addressing Bitcoin's scalability problem.

The Lightning Network

The Lightning Network, still in its nascent stage in 2023, paves the way for massive transaction volumes without stressing the Bitcoin blockchain. It facilitates swift, low-cost transfers, marking a significant milestone in Bitcoin's evolution and broadening its adoption.

The impact of the Lightning Network, augmenting the capacity of Bitcoin, is nothing short of transformative. It offers enhanced transactional privacy, speed, and scale at a negligible cost, disrupting the established payments infrastructure. Traditional payment providers, who rely on time-consuming onboarding processes and cannot settle transactions instantly, are facing an existential threat from this novel technology. Lightning Network defies these limitations, thereby heralding a new era in the realm of financial transactions.

Investors and Start Ups

As the significance of sound money becomes increasingly apparent, a host of innovative investment companies have emerged to leverage the potential of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Firms like Stillmark, Ego Death Capital, and Ten31 VC are leading the way in investing in these groundbreaking ventures.

Stillmark, founded in 2019 as the first Bitcoin-focused venture capital firm, is dedicated to supporting Bitcoin's ecosystem and aims to empower entrepreneurs who are leveraging Bitcoin to reshape the world. Among its investments are Lightning Labs, which develops software that powers the Lightning Network, and Voltage, a company offering Bitcoin-centric infrastructure. Stillmark's portfolio extends to innovative companies like Gridless, Satoshi Energy, Casa, PNK FRG, Hoseki, IBEX, Stakwork, Sphinx, Clovyr, and Striga, each addressing unique market needs while advancing Bitcoin’s core principles.

Ego Death Capital, co-founded by Jeff Booth, the author of “The Price of Tomorrow”, Andi Pitt who was previously at Goldman Sachs and Nico Lechuga who has a Private Equity background, is committed to exploring the infinite possibilities of Bitcoin. It has made its mark in this space through backing Wolf, the world's first Lightning Network accelerator program, and Fedi, a revolutionary Bitcoin wallet powered by Fedimint that allows trusted community members to act as “guardians” to your Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Ten31 VC, an investment firm committed to pushing the boundaries of the digital age by investing in innovative crypto and blockchain projects, has strategically invested in Fedi, IBEX, Sphinx, and Stak, along with Strike, a platform facilitating instant money transfers and Bitcoin transactions using the Lightning Network.

The revolutionary aspect of these companies lies in their application of Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology to real-world problems. They are enabling faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions, democratising access to financial services, integrating renewable energy with blockchain technology, and developing privacy-focused social media platforms.

These venture capital firms distinguish themselves in a unique way - their operations are heavily rooted in their mission.

Ego Death Capital articulates their ethos in this manner: “We don’t follow the rules, we create our own. We look below the surface. We constantly question. We avoid group-think and narrow-mindedness. We seek truth. We want a world that is unified, not divided. We value kindness, generosity, honesty and integrity. We support the collective good. We reject exclusivity and exploitation. We believe in financial security for all and equal access to wealth. We don’t subscribe to excessive greed. We trust in abundance. We recognize the importance of this work.”

Meanwhile, Ten31 VC channels their management fees towards the advancement of Bitcoin core and Lightning developers putting a focus on Bitcoin adoption over and above individual profits.

It's just the beginning...

This wave of innovation is just the beginning. As these technologies continue to mature, they have the potential to disrupt multiple sectors, much like the internet did. Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are poised to become equally pervasive, driving a new era of technological and financial development.

Imagine it’s 1990 and the internet is just starting to gain traction. Bitcoin and Lightning are bigger than that.

Investors who recognise this transformative potential stand to benefit from the unprecedented opportunities that this space offers. Those who fail to understand these developments risk missing out on the extraordinary innovation taking place.

Continued investment in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network is not merely a trend—it's a trajectory towards a more decentralised and equitable financial future.

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