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AT50 - Umi Miyahara, Breez

AT50 - Umi Miyahara, Breez


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We talked about:
βœ… Getting lost in the Sahara Desert
βœ… Surviving an earthquake in Japan
βœ… The journey from TradFi to Bitcoin

Meet Umi 🌟, the dynamic force behind business development at Breez, a pioneering lightning-as-a-service infrastructure company. With a keen focus on unlocking the potential of Bitcoin πŸ”‘, Umi propels businesses forward through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, particularly in embedded tech collaborations.

Umi began her career in traditional finance πŸ’Ό in Tokyo, which led to her driving business development at a variety of startups including fintechs such as Wise, and ultimately paved the path to her role in bitcoin at Breez. An advocate for financial independence as a fundamental human right ✊, Umi passionately believes in bitcoin's pivotal role in reshaping the global economic landscape 🌍.

At the heart of her mission is fostering diversity within the bitcoin space, ensuring it becomes an inclusive hub for minorities, women, and non-tech enthusiasts to contribute, learn, build, and collectively drive bitcoin adoption. If you are looking to build Lightning into your app, platform, or service - Umi is the go-to source for insights.

Outside of bitcoin, Umi is an avid long-distance endurance athlete πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ, conquering challenges like the Marathon des Sables, Ironman Frankfurt, and the Isles of Scilly Γ–TILLΓ– swimrun. Umi is also mother to two young children and five cats 🐱!

Join Umi on the Access Tribe podcast to delve into the exciting intersection of bitcoin, business development, and a passion for fostering financial inclusion.

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