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AT60 - Joyce Brand, Free Cities

AT60 - Joyce Brand, Free Cities

What are Free Cities?

“Free Cities are self-governing territories that uphold individual rights and freedoms.” Visit the Free Cities Foundation website to find out more.

We talked about:

✅ What went wrong with the American project (spoiler alert, it was the constitution...yes we know...shocking right?)
✅ What is a Free City?
✅ How are Free Cities governed? and so much more!

About Joyce

Joyce Brand is a multifaceted professional with extensive experience as a writer, editor, film editor, manager, consultant, and free city pioneer. She is dedicated to the promotion of voluntary, contractual communities with governance as a service, emphasizing the potential of special jurisdictions to enhance freedom and prosperity.

Joyce is the author of "Pioneering Prosperity: The Morazan Model for Free Cities," a seminal work that explores the innovative governance model of Ciudad Morazan. Additionally, she co-authored "Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men" with Spencer Heath, further establishing her expertise in the intersection of economics and human freedom.

Currently, Joyce serves as a writer and editor for the Free Cities Foundation, where she contributes to the discourse on special jurisdictions and better governance. She also consults with the Adrianople Group, providing geopolitical market research and business intelligence solutions. Her professional journey includes roles as a creative copywriter, film editor, and story consultant.

Joyce has written compelling success stories and case studies for the commercial real estate industry through her company, Joyce Brand, Storyteller. Her tenure at Renegade Studios saw her editing feature films, shorts, and promotional content, as well as developing various media projects.

Joyce holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from the University of Kentucky, where she was an active member of the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta honor societies.

She is proficient in Spanish and enjoys a broad range of interests, including engaging with thought leaders like Lex Fridman.

Follow Joyce:

With her vast experience and dedication to innovative governance models, Joyce Brand continues to be a leading voice in the free cities movement, advocating for communities that thrive on freedom and voluntary association.

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